The Poet (Poem by Brad Mace)

Take a little time and carefully listen

We are about to learn a simple life lesson

The Poet is who this is about

That his message would surely not leave us to doubt

The style of poetry be it freestyle or tradition

Are all done with one simple mission

His heart too words his ultimate goal

That I might understand them more as a whole

With words he expresses his thoughts to a T

That I might take his message with me

His choice of words are well articulated

So by them I may be properly educated

Poetically he chooses to express his thought

So that my ears and heart would reject it not

Verbally he chooses to be communicative

That by his message I would be cognitive

His words with hope of living in the moment

So that you and I would not be left dormant

The choice to listen is yours and mine

Let us ponder this for a little more time

By Brad Mace

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