My Story

I am a single dad of two beautiful girls my oldest Eliana and my youngest Samara. I know everyone says that, but it’s true they are beautiful and the reason and motivation behind most everything I do, like this website and its content.

Here is a recent picture of my girls and I. My oldest is the one in the back right and my IMG_20160925_201620.jpgyoungest is front right. As I reflect back I have to credit my having two daughters to the positive changes in my life and my continued growth as a person of character. The reason I can say that is because after they were born my view and perspective on life changed very radically. A few examples is that I ask a lot of internal questions about life both philosophical questions about life’s meaning and purpose to more practical questions like what is the purpose of struggle, pain and trials. Why do such things exist and why does pain come with them?

I don’t know about you, but I need to know the answers and I can’t naively allow a painful and difficult experience go to waist without learning the deeper purpose of it and why I and or my family have to go through it.

Divorce had a huge impact on me especially the separation of my daughters and myself in my lack of seeing them every day as I was once use to and waking up every day to see them as I start my day. The other very painful part of divorce was my coming to grips with my greatest fall and short coming which was a lack of communication in my marriage, which ultimately led to my divorce. Had I been a better communicator of my feelings and inward thoughts as well as a good listener my marriage would have never failed and I would have never looked elsewhere for comfort expect by my wife and yes elsewhere does mean infallibility both physical and emotional.

The months after we had separated I had some rather difficult trials and further heart break because of lost love. It was then I decided to take ownership over my wrongs and purposed in my heart and mind to overcome my inability to communicate effectively and the result was a man who was reborn so to speak for a lack of a better way to describe what had happened to me.

The reason I express my heart the way I do now is because of that life changing experience and because I wanted to model before my daughters what kind of man they should one day look for. Well at least the qualities and character that I demonstrated before them as I lived my life before their innocent and precious eyes.

To be continued……..


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