An Attempt At Abstract Art


This is my first attempt at abstract art, made from reclaimed scrap wood which is located at the bottom right. The other pictures this photo to the right are pictures that my mom, my dad, my oldest daughter Eliana, my youngest daughter Samara and myself painted which happens to be my first ever that I painted.

We each had one to do and then I made custom frames to display them in. My first ever painting is the one bottom center with flowers and a white background. Immediately to the left is one my mom painted. Above that at the top left is one my youngest daughter Samara painted. Then to the right of that the huge flower with yellow is the work of my oldest daughter Eliana. The last one to the upper left with bright orange in it my dad made using many different materials which gave it a stained glass window effect. The idea for the wall was on my heart for sometime then one day I asked everyone to make their own  painting to display. The end result I think is beautiful especially the beautiful memories that it brings to mind as we reflect back on our Saturday painting spree at our dining room table.

This idea came from my browsing Pinterest one day and coming across a really cool piece of abstract art made out of recycled and reclaimed wood pieces. I thought about the pile of scrap wood I had accumulated and really wanted to make use of it in a practical way.

You would be amazed at the things you can create and how you can make use of even the smallest pieces of wood that let’s face it most people wood either burn it or just toss it into the trash.

Well I don’t have a fireplace and don’t really have a place for a bomb fire in my back yard and I also am not so quick the throw scrap wood away because I often will use much of repairing antique furniture or maybe making a custom picture frame or what not.

There is no sense in trying to layout all the dimensions and cuts for these two pieces because all I did was make use of what I had at my disposal and just like a puzzle put it together till I had the desired outcome.

The first piece I made specifically to cover a circuit breaker box which was inconveniently located in my daughters bedroom. This was the perfect cost effective solution to make it go away and add some character and depth to their bedroom. The frame I did so that it allowed for an inch of space inside so that the circuit breaker box would be completely hidden.

Here my youngest daughter Samara is helping me by painting  planks of wood different colors with watered down chalk paint much like stain but we used a variety of colors to compliment their colorful and eclectic bedroom of mismatched antique furniture I have done over the years.



Here I am making sure that the planks were cut properly to fit inside the frame I made. As this came together I did however make many changes till I was content with the overall look of this piece.

This is the finished result. Tho I am not an artist my girls tell me I am and maybe in one since I might be but either way I love working with my hands and creating things especially taking things that are unsavory and turning them into something beautiful.


This next piece I made be sure I just wanted to make use of some leftover pallet wood and other pieces of scrap wood. Unfortunately I forgot to take all the in between photos while I was making this. This happens more often than I like and happens because I get excited and simply forget to take pictures showing my progress.


That’s it for now. I do have many other projects in the works and many others to still post from over the years. I hope this encourages you to think twice about the scrap wood you throw away.

Truthfully I never thought I could do half the things I have done and have written about on my Website but I didn’t know I could till I actually took the time and did it.

Brad Mace