So I Wait Patiently (Poem by Brad Mace) 

The breadth of her beauty like a starry night sky. She is to vast to take in at just one look. I want to spend my life exploring her beauty both outwardly and inwardly. She is a treasure but rare like that of a pearl. She has no equal but only herself and this is what makes her shine so bright. If only to find her in my lifetime I would know what is to be complete. My Love when will you fall from the night sky that I may catch you and embrace you. I wait patiently with my arms opened wide for we have yet to meet and fall in love together. 

By Brad Mace 


In A Different Light 

Innocence is becoming a myth, and the legend of a world that no longer exists. The Twilight Zone is no longer science fiction or an alternate world, but has become our reality. A promise is no longer a promise, and our words have become empty sounds of weightless wonder. Light has become darkness and darkness light,  yet we are all blind. Truth is no longer truth, everything is subjective; reality is now virtual reality. We find ourselves empty as we grasp for what no longer exists, for a world that can only be known and touched through the pages of history. We are not in Kansas  anymore, Dorothy, and Oz is our nightmare.

By Brad Mace

The Poet (Poem by Brad Mace)

Take a little time and carefully listen

We are about to learn a simple life lesson

The Poet is who this is about

That his message would surely not leave us to doubt

The style of poetry be it freestyle or tradition

Are all done with one simple mission

His heart too words his ultimate goal

That I might understand them more as a whole

With words he expresses his thoughts to a T

That I might take his message with me

His choice of words are well articulated

So by them I may be properly educated

Poetically he chooses to express his thought

So that my ears and heart would reject it not

Verbally he chooses to be communicative

That by his message I would be cognitive

His words with hope of living in the moment

So that you and I would not be left dormant

The choice to listen is yours and mine

Let us ponder this for a little more time

By Brad Mace

Long For Another Day (Poem by Brad Mace)

Why is it necessary for me to struggle
But only to make me all the more humble

Why is it necessary for me to sorrow
But only to make me long for tomorrow

Why is it necessary the tears that I shed
But only to make me not have a big head

Why is it necessary that things go wrong
But only to make me all the more strong

Why is it necessary for my heart to break
But only to make me not be a flake

Why is it necessary that I feel all alone
But only to make me long for my home

Why is it necessary to look so pathetic
But only to make me more sympathetic

Why is it necessary that I make mistakes
But only to make me not be a fake

Why is it necessary that no one understands
But only to make me strong to withstand

Why is it necessary that I feel this pain
But only to make me not be so vain

Why is it necessary that I feel this way
But only to make me long for another day

By Brad Mace

Walk Away Merrily (Poem by Brad Mace)

Please let me explain as I attempt to make it ever so plain

Words to me are my solace although my own are never flawless

I love to play with every word by creating and sharing pithy blurbs

Some people laugh and some smile unless that person is boring and in denial

Take a seat and take a listen you just might come out a whole new person

With my words sometimes imploring but never with the intention of being boring

So listen well and listen carefully for my heart’s desire is that you walk away merrily.

By Brad Mace

She Is Truly One Of A Kind (Poem by Brad Mace)

Her beauty at first is outward
 time reveals it inward

She is a rock and fortress to her man
But this is why I am her greatest fan

Her presence I have peace
But when apart it’s never the least

She encourages me with her words
But never for a lack of witty blurbs

Her smile is ever contagious
But always seems to be spontaneous

She will leave me sometimes speechless
But of her I will never think less

Her strength is in her character
But never shy to speak on a matter

She most definitely is my equal
But to those before her never a sequel

Her wisdom seems rather limitless
But her beauty forever timeless

She is not without her imperfection
But is always quick on introspection

Her wit is second to none
But not for a lack of being fun

She is truly one of a kind
But this is why she occupies my mind

By Brad Mace

Hope Realized (Poem by Brad Mace)

Tho we dread the storms and the torrential down fall of the rain,

Tho the thunder and lightning instills in us a since of fear and dread at its power,

Just like the sun sets and rises every day,

So the storms of life come and go,

But once they pass we find a new love a new appreciation for the calm that comes after the storm,

We appreciate even more the beauty and warmth the sun has to give us,

It is then we realize that maybe the storm tho only for a time if anything is to be learned us,

It is the appreciation that comes for the little things in life that we once took for granted,

Maybe the storms are meant to awake us from our sleep that we just might come to understand what is actually important in life,

Maybe the storms are meant to help us to reevaluate what we really want

What is truly important to us,

What is worth fighting for,

What is worth holding on to,

Hope of a new dawn,

Hope of a new sunrise,

Hope of a new day,

Hope of a new life,

Which all come in their set time and place,

The appreciation of their value has now grown greater,

Grown stronger for the things in life that truly matter,

Because you allowed the storm to be your teacher and a guide that enabled you to finally see the light of day,

It is then we realize that the many tears that were once shead due to the storm, were meant for the flowers that were yet to bloom from the sun’s rays of a new day

The pain that was once unbearable is now forgotten

For joy and hope have taken their place and all things have now become new again.

New life, new experiences and a renewed look on life

For the pain and trials of your storm have given way to something far greater then you could have realized or even imagined.

It is then you realize what you have been longing for and waiting for your whole life is before you as plain as day with arms wide open waiting for your embrace.

By Brad Mace

I Am An Artist (Poem by Brad Mace)

My brush is my pen
My canvas is paper
My paint is ink
And my words the picture

With every stroke of my pen
With every crossing of a T
With every dot of an I
it’s becoming more of me

My picture comes alive
My picture touches your soul
My picture captures your mind
and takes form as you troll

My motivation is love
My motivation is encouragement
My motivation is my heart
And your betterment

You are welcome to look
You are welcome to read
You are welcome to ponder
and take it with you as you leave

My picture my heart meant only for thee
please be careful for it bleeds

By Brad Mace